Friday, January 13, 2012

Obama Campaign Raises $222 Million in 2011

President Barack Obama's re-election campaign announced that it raised $68 million in the 4th quarter of 2011, bringing its total for the year to around $222 million dollars. The $68 million includes $42 million for Obama-Biden 2012 and another $24 million for the Democratic National Committee.
Obama’s campaign collected $750 million in 2008, prompting speculation that it could top $1 billion this time. [Obama-Biden 202 campaign manager Jim] Messina said the lofty figures have created “a challenge that keeps coming up. Too many Obama supporters think we don’t need their money or they don’t need to give now.’’
However, Messina said, “The billion-dollar number is completely untrue.’’
Obama, facing no primary opponent, has stockpiled a large campaign bank account, but Democrats expect parity with Republicans once the party chooses a nominee.
Note that last phrase: "Democrats expect parity with Republicans once the party chooses a nominee."  With Super PACS and the Supreme Court's recent Citizens United decision do you really think the 1% are going to allow the 99% to out-raise them in the battle for the highest executive office in the land? Come no, now!

It is interesting that Messina also said that the average donation to the Obama campaign was $55 (98% below $250) and that in 2011 they received donations from 200,000 people who had never given to Obama before.

In 2007, Hillary Clinton raised $118 million to Obama's $104 million. In 2011, Mitt Romney raised a total of $56 million.

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