Friday, April 27, 2012

Celebrity Friday: Stephen Stafford is Young, Gifted & Black

Stephen R. Stafford, II is the name of the whiz kid who entered Morehouse college at the tender age of 13-year-old two years ago. He is also (quite) young, (very) gifted and Black!

Stephen is now 15 years old and a junior at Morehouse College in Atlanta studying mathematics (yeah!) and computer science, after he recently dropped his 3rd major of pre-med. Like most teens, he is active on Facebook.

From his frequent posts, he is clearly interested in the special needs of extremely gifted kids like himself.
The picture above was taken before his appearance on the Mo'Nique Show last year. Stephen spends a lot of his time (when not studying) doing outreach to kids in schools to demonstrate the importance of education.

Keep up the good work, Stephen!

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