Monday, April 23, 2012

NC Ad Wars Begin On Hateful #Amendment1

The advertising wars have begun over the anti-gay ballot measure campaign to amend North Carolina's constitution to insert discrimination against anything not "the domestic legal union between a man and a woman."

As Karen Ocamb notes at LGBT POV, this time it will be Chad Griffin, HRC's incoming executive director and board president of AFER in his role as a media consultant versus Paul Schubert, the man who designed the lying Yes On Proposition 8 ads ("A Prince can marry a Prince..."). Interestingly, the group fighting Amendment One, Protect All North Carolina Families, has decided to go with ads that also focus on children, describing the harm that passage of the anti-gay amendment will have children (of unmarried parents) and (children of)survivors of domestic abuse

Pam Spaulding over at Pam's House Blend describes the two videos perfectly:

Ad #1: Melissa
“Melissa” tells the story of Melissa and Libby and their 5 y/o daughter. Libby works for the city of Durham and they have healthcare coverage under Durham’s domestic partnership benefits plan. If the amendment passes, they are afraid that their daughter will lose her health care. And the cost of getting her an individual policy is prohibitive.
Ad #2: Consequences
“Consequences” tells the story of a survivor of domestic violence and currently has a protective order against her attacker. They were never married. She is afraid that a court could decide that her situation is not “domestic” because they were not married and that her protective order could be put in jeopardy.

North Carolina is one of the states which has weeks of early voting (until May 5th), so everyone who opposes this discriminatory measure should run, not walk to the polls to defeat Amendment One!

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