Monday, May 07, 2012

Final Poll On NC #Amendment1: 55% Yes, 39% No

Tomorrow voters in North Carolina will decide whether or not to amend their state's constitution to ban the legal recognition or validation of any other "domestic legal union" than a marriage between a man and woman in the state. The impact of the amendment is unclear (the words "domestic legal union" do not appear in any North Carolina statute) and it is written using deliberately confusing and obfuscatory language. Many experts believe it will ban any civil union, domestic partnership or same-sex marriage at the local, county or state level in North Carolina. Another impact will be to prevent any state or legal benefit or responsibility that accrues to an unmarried person, gay or straight, regardless of their de facto relationship status.

Many, many people and organizations have been fighting against the campaign to insert religious-based discrimination into the state's founding document; the proponents are not only virulently homophobic but arguable racist as well, in a state which is as much as 20% African American. (To their credit, the NC NAACP has been a strong champion in the fight against Amendment 1.)

The final video from Protect All NC Families summarizing the campaign and giving the final arguments against Amendment 1 is below:

Vote No on Amendment 1!

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