Tuesday, May 01, 2012

New Report Analyzes Latino Views On LGBT Issues

There's an interesting report called LGBT Acceptance and Support: The Hispanic Perspective (pdf) funded by the Arcus Foundation and written by David Dutwin, Ph.D. of Social Science Research Solutions which has a lot of insight about attitude in the Latino community in America about homosexuality and LGBT people.

An excerpt from the overview summary:
We find, in fact, that Hispanics, if anything, are slightly more likely to support legal gay marriage and be open more generally toward gays and lesbians in society. As well, Hispanics are as likely to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender as any other group in the U.S. today. They are the most Catholic of ethnic groups, and yet Catholic Hispanics, we find, are more open than Protestant Hispanics with regard to LGBT attitudes and policy support.  
 Indeed, the great concern over Hispanic homophobia, according to our data, is highly exaggerated. That said, there are of course groups within the Hispanic community that are more intolerant than others. We find that if there is one concern with LGBT acceptance in the Hispanic community, it resides at the intersection of Hispanicity and religion. While the differences are not there for every measure of LGBT acceptance and policy support, for the majority of measures it is the case both that the most traditional, that is, unacculturated, Hispanics are among the least tolerant. Moreover, the most religious, at least as measured by born again status, Church attendance, and views on evolution and Biblical literalism, lead Hispanics in intolerance.
Hat/tip to Gloria Nieto

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