Monday, June 04, 2012

California Partisanship Stats: 43.4D, 30.2R, 21.3I

The latest party registration numbers for California have been released ahead of Tuesday's statewide primary election and the results are pretty grim for party of Death Eaters, a.k.a. the Republicans. Although California is considered to be a solidly blue state overall, a recent analysis has shown that it is really an interesting mix of red, blue and purple areas.

That being said, the official party registration numbers show that there are now nearly 3 million more registered Democrats than Republicans in the state:
Of California’s 23,713,027 eligible voters, some 17,153,699 are registered to vote, or about 72.34 percent of those eligible, the secretary of state’s office reported. The numbers cover registration through the May 21 deadline.

Of those registered, 43.4 percent identified themselves as Democrats, 30.2 percent said they were Republicans and 5.1 percent listed an affiliation with a minor party.


Los Angeles County, which has the state’s largest electorate, reported 4.46 million registered voters. Just over half, 50.68 percent, identified themselves as Democrats. With the exception of Los Angeles and Imperial counties, the rest of the top 10 counties with Democratic registration all were in northern California – Alameda, San Francisco, Marin, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Sonoma, San Mateo and Contra Costa.
Tomorrow we should see what the impact of these new party registration numbers will have in the new Top 2 primary system.

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