Monday, July 16, 2012

Is True Blood Season 5 Gonna Get Better?

I've been actually had a somewhat ambivalent reaction to the first half of Season 5. It's been good, but I fear it has not been up to the show's usual intense (and high quality) standards. That could be because there's been reduced amount of gay content compared to previous seasons, I'm not sure.The only new male eye candy is Chris Meloni, and he has been overdressed most of the time. There is no one who is as pretty as Season 3's Mehcad Brooks playing Eggs Benedict or Season 4's Kevin Alejandro as Lafayett'es boyfriend Jesus Velazquez. Seeing more of Joe Manganiello in Season 5 is a good thing, it must be noted.

If you haven't seen this season yet, the biggest and most interesting developments have involved Tara, who is unfortunately played by one of the least convincing actresses on the show. The other main development has been the forced alignment of Bill and Eric to work together under pain of "the true death."However, the second half of the season seems to be pretty exciting.Creator and Executive Producer of the first 5 seasons Alan Ball is ending his day-to-day connection with the show after this season concludes.

Apparently at the recently concluded Comic-Con in San Diego a trailer for Season 5's second half was released. You can see it at the top of this post.

 hat/tip to Wonder Man

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