Friday, August 03, 2012

Celebrity Friday: Lana Wachowski, Trans Director

Larry Wachowski is best known as the creative force, along with his brother Andy, of the seminal science fiction movie The Matrix as well as the subsequent sequels in what is known as The Matrix Trilogy. Their producer and director credits on the The Matrix were listed as "The Wachowski Brothers."

However, in 2007, Larry Wachowski transitioned to being known as Lana Wachowski. The highly awaited film adaptation of David Mitchell's acclaimed novel Cloud Atlas (read Madprofessah review) is the next high profile project for the Wachowskis, with the two listed as producing, directing and writing with Tom  Twyker  separately as Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski. 

This certainly makes Lana Wachowski the most prominent and most successful transgender Hollywood film director to date. The trailer for Cloud Atlas is out and it looks astonishing, as visually advanced as The Matrix was in its day, and that's saying something. The book is an incredibly hard one to even conceive of as a film, because it's structure is so unique: a set of 6 interlocking stories about the nature of life, love and the human condition told in very different settings using various genres (historical drama, crime thriller, futuristic science fiction, mystery, etc). It is a writing tour de force, hopefully the movie will do it justice. There is hope that it will.

Check it out!

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