Tuesday, September 18, 2012

7 Weeks Till Election: Obama 274, Romney 206

There are 49 days (7 weeks) until Election Day 2012. In today's Electoral College Scoreboard, President Obama leads with 274 votes to Mitt Romney's 206 votes. Last week, Obama-Biden 2012 led with 256 votes to 206 for Romney-Ryan 2012.

The only change from last week to this week is that Ohio has changed from being a a"yellow" (undecided or too-close-to-call) state to a "light blue" (leans Democratic) state, giving its 18 electoral votes to the Democrats and thus making it increasingly unlikely that Republican candidate would win the election.
It takes 270 electoral votes to be elected President. No Republican presidential candidate in modern times has been elected without winning Ohio.

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