Thursday, October 11, 2012

WA: Heterosexual Supremacists Lie About R-74

The heterosexual supremacists who are opposing efforts to legalize marriage equality in Washington, Maryland and Maine know they are facing a losing battle against time and progress. So, as they have done so often in other fights (like in 2008's Proposition 8 in California and 2009's Question 1 in Maine), they are mischaracterizing the issues involved and blatantly dissembling about marriage equality and LGBT people.

In Washington, the forces campaigning for LGBT equality have developed the website where they can respond and refute the anti-equality forces' lies.

And here's the refutation of just some of the falsehoods buried in the latest 30-second ad from the "bad guys
CLAIM: “Gays and Lesbians already have the same legal rights as married couples.”  
FACTS: While domestic partnerships are legal in Washington, states that have passed such laws have found them to be fundamentally unequal and harmful. [See herehere, and here.] As the Supreme Court of Connecticut wrote in 2008 when it struck down a statute that prohibited same-sex marriage, civil unions and marriage “are by no means ‘equal.’”  The court explained in its opinion: “Despite the truly laudable effort of the legislature in equalizing the legal rights afforded same sex and opposite sex couples, there is no doubt that civil unions enjoy a lesser status in our society than marriage.”  
CLAIM: Marriage “was created for the care and well-being of the next generation.” 
FACTS: Many households headed by same-sex couples in the U.S. are raising children. According to the U.S. Census, approximately 20 percent of same-sex couples are raising nearly 250,000 children.  Children being raised by loving, committed same-sex couples – like all children – deserve the protections that come from allowing their parents to marry.    
CLAIM: “When laws like 74 have occurred elsewhere, people who disagree have faced lawsuits, fines, and punishment.”  
FACTS: Seattle Times national investigation “failed to turn up any evidence that same-sex marriage had produced a rash of suits involving businesspeople.”  The newspaper “also checked with human rights commissions in four of the six states where marriage is legal; the commissions said there was not an increase in discrimination findings or suits involving same sex marriage.”
Now, that's how you smack down lies and hateful deceit! Let's hope that campaigns in Maryland and Maine are also willing to respond robustly when the opposing campaigns in those states also start to lie in order to confuse voters to choose discrimination over equal treatment under the law.

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