Monday, October 08, 2012

WA: New Ad Features Republican Supporting R-74

As the race to defend marriage equality at the ballot box becomes more intense  as the pro-equality and anti-equality sides start airing ads this week in Maryland, in Washington state the "air war" started weeks ago. The latest ad features Washington State Representative Maureen Wash, a Republican legislator, who strongly supported the state's marriage equality law when it passed the legislature and was signed into law earlier this year.

Here's the video in which Shaw appears:

Note how different this ad is from the ads from the heterosexual supremacists in Minnesota ("[marriage] was made by God") and in Maryland ("no one has the right to redefine marriage"). The Washington state ad is about "fundamental fairness" and asks viewers to come up with a reason for why they should deny anyone the right to be married to the person that they love. It's a pretty hard question to answer unless viewers are willing to explicitly discriminate against same-sex couples in order to maintain their own heterosexual privilege.

We'll know the answer to these and other questions, in 29 days!

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