Saturday, December 22, 2012

Queer Quote: Frank Talk On Scalia's Bigotry

Barney Frank, retiring openly gay Congressman, was on Michelango Signorile's radio show when he gave his reaction to the story about Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia's comparison of sodomy to murder.

Frank left no doubt about his feelings about the conservative jurist:
"This young man said to him, ‘Why do you compare sodomy to murder?’ And he said, ‘Well because I have a right to say if I think something is immoral.’ Well the question wasn’t about his right. The question was, By what morality is expressing your love for someone in a physical way equivalent to killing that person? It makes it clear that the man is an unreconstructed bigot, and given that you have a bigot on the Supreme Court like that, it is useful to know."
Other people, such as George Takei have called on Scalia to recuse himself from ruling on the pending gay marriage-related cases, Hollingsworth v Perry and U.S. v Windsor.

What do you think?

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