Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy 49th Birthday, Michelle Obama!

Today is First Lady Michelle Obama's 49th birthday. On this occasion , let us remind ourselves of some basic facts about the woman who is married to the 44th President of the United States.

Did you know that :

  1. She (and her younger brother Craig Robinson) skipped the 2nd grade?
  2. She was the Salutatorian of her graduating class at Chicago's very first magnet high school, Whitney Young High School?
  3. On her first date with Barack Obama, they went and say Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing?
  4. She majored in Sociology and Minored in African American Studies at Princeton?
  5. Was born and raised in Chicago?
  6. Her great-great-great grand mother, Melvinia Shields, was a slave?
  7. She once worked in the Student Services Department at the University of Chicago?
  8. In 2006, while her husband was a United States Senator, she had a larger salary at her job than he did ($273,618 compared to $157,082)?
  9. Is only the 3rd First Lady to hold a post-graduate degree (following Hillary Rodham Clinton and Laura Bush)?
  10. Her middle name is "LaVaughn" and her maiden name is "Robinson"?

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

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