Saturday, February 02, 2013

Saturday Politics:Obama's Approval Rating Hits 60%

ABC/Washington Post poll shows that in the year between January 2012 and January 2013 Barack Obama's approval rating among all adults has gone up by 7 points (to a 3-year high), primarily fueled by a 17 point jump by Liberals, with even Conservatives increasing by +4.

The Post gives this explanation:
Two groups that voted against Obama in November are also beginning to tilt in his direction. Independents see him favorably by a 60-to-36 percent margin, compared with a 51-45 split a year ago. And 51 percent of those ages 65 and older now see Obama favorably, up 11 points from January 2012. Independent voters backed Mitt Romney over Obama by six points in November, and seniors favored Romney by 12 points, according to the national exit poll. 
Partisans’ opinions have changed the least over time. Fully 80 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable view of Obama, similar to 78 percent last January. Even more Democrats, 92 percent, say the opposite, with favorable ratings ticking up five points from last year.
It should be VERY interesting to see where the President's approval rating is one year from now, when Immigration Reform may be a done deal. And even more interesting 3 years from now when the 2016 election campaign will be in full swing.

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