Monday, March 11, 2013

Christine Quinn Announces Bid for NYC Mayor

Gay City News
Christine Quinn, the openly lesbian Speaker of the New York City Council made her official announcement that she is running for Mayor on Friday. Quinn has long been considered the frontrunner for the position and has been endorsed by the current Mayor, billionaire
Mike Bloomberg.

She released this slickly produced video describing the reasons why she is running.

Some LGBT activists are perturbed that Speaker Quinn does not mention anywhere in the video that she is gay or refer to her wife, Kim Catullo, whom she married in a celebrity-studded high profile event last year.

Recent polling has shown that Quinn is very near the 40% level of support where she may win the Democratic primary without being forced into a runoff. The general election will be in November 2013 and the primary is currently scheduled for September 2013 but it is widely expected that the State Legislature will change the date to June.

If Quinn is elected she would become the first woman and first LGBT person to be Mayor of New York City.

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