Friday, March 01, 2013

Queer Quote: Salt Lake City Mayor Supports LGBT equality

Ralph Becker
Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah

In light of Phoenix passing a gay rights bill earlier this week the fact that Salt Lake City, Utah has had a similar law in effect since 2009 came to light and the current mayor of Salt Lake City issued the following statement, which is today's Queer Quote:

"Salt Lake City's 2009 anti-discrimination ordinance, established to prohibit workplace and housing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, has been an overwhelming success and an important part of Mayor Becker's goal of working to ensure our community is one that is safe, welcoming and equitable for all residents.
"Since its passage, some 15 Utah communities have followed our lead, and we were very pleased to hear of the recent adoption of a similar statute change in Flagstaff following Mayor Becker's presentation to their council and Mayor last year.
"While the Salt Lake City ordinance established new and necessary protections, Mayor Becker's efforts on behalf of equality issues in our vibrant and diverse community are ongoing, and bolstered by the positive changes we see happening in cities across the country."
In Utah, people! How's that culture war working out for ya, homophobes?

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