Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Godless Wednesday: Where The Atheists Are

Joe.My.God points out an article at the Washington Post showing where the atheists around the world reside. This is in reaction to a recent statement by Pope Francis (then retracted by the Vatican) that even atheists have been redeemed by God. This was seen as a surprisingly neutral position by the head of the Catholic church to non-believers.
Overall, the poll concluded that roughly 13 percent of global respondents identified as atheists, more than double the percentage in the U.S. 
The highest reported share of self-described atheists is in China: an astounding 47 percent. Faith has a complicated history in China. The state is deeply skeptical of organized religion, which it has long considered a threat to its authority.
 Note, of course that North America had a relatively low percentage of atheists,. The most important results, as Joe points out is that the poll concludes that "religiosity is highest in the poorest and least educated nations."

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