Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Godless Wednesday: Should "God" Always Be Capitalized?

Friendly Atheist points out how insistent certain people are that the word "god" should always be capitalized. When referring to the alleged person called "God" that some people believe in, the word should obviously be capitalized because it's a proper name. However, Catholic priest Alexander Lucie-Smith believes not doing so is some kind of anti-religious (and maybe anti-semitic) conspiracy:
Those who deny the capital letter to the Almighty do so out of a desire to belittle Him… This actually has a long history. Back in the day when anti-Semitism was openly espoused by writers and publishers, some used to deny the capital letter to the term ‘Jew’
Of course, he only believes this should be the case for his god, because as this tweet indicates, the righteous Mr. Lucie-Smith thinks Allah should be written "allah":

What a shocker! Blatant hypocrisy among the religious. Not.

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