Sunday, August 11, 2013

Queer Quote: Australian PM Makes Marriage Equality Campaign Pledge

Tony Abbott (left) and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd 

Kevin Rudd is the current and former Prime Minister of Australia. He won back his old job recently when Prime Minister Julia Gillard was forced out by internal Labor Party politics heading into national elections, which are set for Saturday September 7th. Rudd debated Coalition Party head Tony Abbott in their first debate of the electoral campaign last night and although Rudd had previously opposed marriage equality, toward the end of the debate he made a campaign pledge to legalize marriage equality if his party wins the election.

Rudd's statement supporting marriage equality is today's Queer Quote:
Kevin Rudd said "[recognising same-sex relationships is] a mark of decency to same-sex couples across the country who wish the same loving, caring relationship that, for example, I have had with Therese my wife now for the last 32 years, and for that to be formalised."
His opponent declined to join him in endorsing marriage equality, despite the fact that he has an openly lesbian sister citing instead that the Australian federal parliament had voted down a measure to enact marriage equality last September. The conservative Coalition leader said that passing marriage equality would not be a priority for his government.

Regardless of what happens in the September 7 Australian election, the next ambassador to Australia from the United States is going to be openly gay John Berry.

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