Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Freedom To Marry Summarizes Marriage Equality Victories In 2013

Freedom to Marry, the campaign to win marriage equality nationwide, has summarized the amazing progress in marriage equality that happened in the last year into one animated gif (shown above) and a blog post written by Evan Wolfson: "Top 10 Freedom to Marry Moments in 2013."
10. Anniversaries and Milestones in Massachusetts, Hawaii, and More9. More Republicans Join the Cause8. Majority of U.S. Senate Supports the Freedom to Marry7. Ascendance of Pope Francis and a New Tone on Gay People and Marriage6. President Obama Extols the Freedom to Marry in Inaugural Address5. Freedom to Marry Makes International Gains Around the World4. Record Majorities for Marriage3. Obama Administration Moves Swiftly and Strongly to Implement Federal Respect for Married Couples – Even in Discriminating States2. We Win the Freedom to Marry in a Record 9 More States1. Supreme Court Strikes Down Core of DOMA
Go to the post and read the details behind these headlines.

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