Wednesday, March 19, 2014

GODLESS WEDNESDAY: Bill Maher calls God "Psychotic Mass Murderer"

Bill Maher lambasted the new movie Noah on his show last Friday, in the process ridiculing the people who believe in the literal truth of the biblical story of Noah.

Here's a transcript of an excerpt from his closing show rant (via Daily Kos):
Now, I don't know about the elephants on Noah's Ark, but the elephant in the room in 2014 is that we are now a full four centuries removed from the scientific revolution.  Four centuries after Copernicus, after the time humans realized that through science, we could actually get a real answer to almost every question about our world, like where does the sun go at night?  And why does disease spread so quickly on a cruise ship?  (audience laughter)
And speaking of cruise ships, you know I don't mind that the Noah story is impossibly childish.  OK, I do mind.  What am I saying?  I mind very much.  I mean, seriously people?  You believe a man Noah lived to be 900 years old — that's what the Bible says — and when he was 500, he decided to have three kids, just like Clint Eastwood.  (audience laughter)
And when he was 600, he and his three 100-year-old sons built a boat onto which in one day, they loaded over 3 million animals, all of which were apparently indigenous to within 5 miles of the boat.  (audience laughter)
But get this.  What the Christians who are now protesting this movie are upset about is that it doesn't take the Biblical story literally enough.  They're mad because this made up story doesn't stay true to their made up story.
But the thing that's really disturbing about Noah isn't the silly.  It's that's it's immoral.  It's about a psychotic mass murderer who gets away with it, and his name is God. 
I think it is very useful to confront people who believe that every word in the Bible is true with the implications of that belief and to point out how at odds it is with everything science tells us. It literally does not make any sense and much of the stuff in the Bible is really a collection of "old Jewish fairy tales."

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