Thursday, March 13, 2014

Marriage Equality In England and Wales Goes In Effect Today

Good news from "across the pond"! Marriage equality in England and Wales has now gone into effect. And the Queen just gave her royal assent for Scotland's marriage equality law.

Pink News reports:
The bulk of same-sex marriage legislation came into effect at midnight, meaning couples who have entered into same-sex marriages overseas are now recognised as married. 
Before today, same-sex couples who got married overseas had their marriages treated as a civil partnership in England and Wales, but the Equalities office says from today “they will instead be recognised as being married”. 
Unwed couples still have to wait until March 29 before getting married, as new marriages require a 16 day notice period, but they can now declare their intent to marry. 
However, couples who have already entered into civil partnerships in the UK have to wait until later this year before they can convert them to marriages.
Jolly good show, what what!

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