Tuesday, May 06, 2014

GOSSIP: (22yo Black Gay Athlete) Derrick Gordon Dating Gerald McCullouch (47yo White TV Star)

An update on the Derrick Gordon, who came to our attention last month when he became the first NCAA Division 1 Basketball player to come out as gay, is now making waves because he is dating a television actor, Gerald McCullouch, who is best known for appearing on the television show C.S.I. and the independent film Bear City.

The two were photographed together at the recent GLAAD awards. Gerald is 47 (and white) and Derrick is 22 (and Black) so some people are FREAKING OUT about the age and race differences.

What do you all think, Gentle Readers? Personally, I think people should let people be people and chill the **** out! The two make a cute couple. Though, I must caution people to remember, the boy has been out for literally a month...

hat/tip to Wonder Man

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