Thursday, May 01, 2014

WA GOV Appoints Asian Latina Lesbian To State Supreme Court

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has decided to appoint Mary Yu to the state Supreme Court, who would make history as the first openly LGBT, Latina and Asian member of that state's highest court.

From the Governor's office:
Yu, age 57, grew up in Chicago as the daughter of two immigrants who met at a factory, her mother from Mexico and her father from China.
The judge will be the first Asian-American and Latina on the state Supreme Court. She will also be the first openly gay member of the state’s highest court.
“I believe it is clear to everyone that Judge Yu has both the qualifications and experience to sit on our Supreme Court. And her personal story adds a unique perspective that is important as our state’s demographics continue to shift,” Inslee said.
Ain't diversity grand?

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