Wednesday, June 18, 2014

GODLESS WEDNESDAY: What Others See When Christians Pray At Public Events

Hemant Mehta points out this story of yet another Christian feeling "their God" compels them to flout the law about praying at public graduation ceremonies.

What [Fox News's Todd] Starnes and [Christian student Marcus] Hamby don’t understand is that there are times when it’s inappropriate to talk all about your personal beliefs regarding crispy, crunchy, delicious Jesus. When you’re at a public school function attended by students and their family members who aren’t all Christian, talking about how correct your faith is isn’t kind or gentle. 
It’s just a combination of ego and martyr-complex. 
(Plus, you *know* the same crowd applauding Hamby would’ve lost their [censored] if anyone gave a speech about Islam or atheism.) 
Just to be clear, what he did wasn’t courageous. Not even close. You don’t need to be brave to make references to Christianity when the majority of the audience already agrees with you. 
It does, however, take maturity to realize that there are others out there who disagree with you — and a graduation ought to be a time to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments instead of opening up about your personal theological views.
That's today's post on godlessness!


AntiIntellectualPhD said...

It is true that we Christians like to mark our territory. The whole Earth belongs to us, after all. If you repent you get owned by Jesus. If you don't then you really get owned by Jesus. Either I win or I really win. Thanks for your post!

carter said...

Who the fuck is jesus?
Jesus was but one human being in the scheme of the real world.
If you need his input, then you have major issues that need addressing.
But Jesus is NOT the answer, just the question.


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