Friday, March 20, 2015

CELEBRITY FRIDAY: Presumed Gay GOP Rep. Aaron Schock Resigns In Scandal

Congressman Aaron Schock raised eyebrows this week (again) when he suddenly announced he was resigning from Congress at the tender age of 33. Schock has made headlines before, but usually it was for his eye-popping attire or for being outed.

Here's how the Economist reported on Schock's political demise:
Mr Schock, who is 33, was for a while the youngest member of Congress and remains the only one to appear semi-shirtless on the cover of Men’s Healthmagazine, revealing what the journal called “ripped” abs. His Instagram account showed him dancing the tango in Buenos Aires and surfing in Hawaii.
This whirl of politics, jet-set travel and donor-stroking (he was one of the top five House Republican fundraisers in 2013) began to unravel in February, after his interior designer gave the Washington Post a chatty tour of Mr Schock’s offices on Capitol Hill, revealing deep-red walls, gilded sconces with black candles and an arrangement of pheasant feathers—all inspired by the TV drama “Downton Abbey”. Reporters began to dig and the Associated Press, ingeniously, matched location data from his Instagram images with flight records and expense claims.Mr Schock soon faced questions about $90,000 in campaign funds spent on private air charters, a taxpayer-funded private flight to a football match and unreported foreign travel. He repaid over $41,000 to the government in office and travel costs. Asked if he had broken the law, he replied: “I certainly hope not.”
The question is, now that he is no longer in  Congress and a political career to defend, will Schock "live his truth'?

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