Sunday, June 28, 2015

2015 LOCUS Awards: Ann Leckie and Katherine Addison Win Best Novel (For SciFi and Fantasy, Respectively)

In light of the ongoing Puppy kerfuffle around the Hugo awards, all awards for achievements in speculative fiction will be closely scrutinized this year, so thanks to I know that last night the 2015 Locus Awards were revealed. I am very pleased to report that Ann Leckie has won her second consecutive Locus Award for Best SF Novel (Ancillary Sword) while Katherine Addison has won her first Locus award for Best Fantasy Novel (The Goblin Emperor).

The Locus Awards (cleverly, in my opinion) separate Best Novel into Fantasy and Science Fiction categories, unlike the other major prestigious awards like the Hugo and Nebula, which both Ancillary Sword and The Goblin Emperor have also been nominated. They both lost this year's Nebula award for best Novel, to Jeffe VanderMeer's Annihilation. Ancillary Sword has already won this year's BSFA award but it failed to make the Arthur C. Clarke shortlist.

Interestingly, the Best Novella award went to Nancy Kress for Yesterday's Kin which earlier won the Nebula award in the same category. Alas, it is not nominated for the Hugo award because some idiots thought that novellas by one virulently homophobic guy named John C. Wright should take up not one, not two but three of the five slots in this category. We will not know until late August if Nancy Kress would have been nominated for a Hugo this year as well.

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