Friday, July 03, 2015

QUEER QUOTE: Evan Wolfson Declares Victory For Marriage Equality

About a week after the announcement of the United States Supreme Court's decision in Obergefelll v. Hodges which ended all state-based bans on same-sex marriage nationwide, Evan Wolfson, the architect of this sea change in civil rights for LGBT people and founder of Freedom to Marry, has communicated his victory message to that organization's supporters:
I always believed we would win, but what a joy and relief it was when our victory came. As I read the Supreme Court opinion, as I followed the stories across the country of couples getting married, and as so many people wrote me with wonder, attaching pictures of their families, their kids, their weddings ... well, I cried and cried again. 
We won. We did it. The freedom to marry is now the law of the land throughout our whole country. At long last, loving and committed same-sex couples are able to share in the joy, the protections, the vocabulary, and the institution of marriage. 
We've been fighting this campaign for decades, and not a single step has come easily. To overcome the obstacles and to seize the opportunities, with stumbles and then successes, we built a machine that could guide and leverage a movement, driving a strategy — and machines take fuel. Without your support, this transformation and triumph would not have happened. 
And our win is America's win. Love won. We all did. 
Now — as Freedom to Marry prepares to wind down — we must remember that there's still much work to do in our own LGBT movement and in the broader movements we are part of. 
I am grateful to my incomparable Freedom to Marry team, our close movement colleagues, the entire family of supporters and partners in the work, our allies, and our country. How lucky we are to see our work rewarded with the change and victory we sought and deserved. 
All that's left is to say, with all my heart, is congratulations — mazel tov! — and thank you. 
Evan WolfsonFounder, Freedom to Marry

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