Sunday, June 26, 2016

LGBT HISTORY: Obama Designates Stonewall National Monument

President Obama is celebrating the one-year anniversary of marriage equality and LGBT Pride month by designating the Stonewall Inn and its environs the Stonewall National Monument! The Stonewall Inn is widely regarded as the site of the uprisings which sparked the development of the modern LGBT equality movement in June 1969. The video above (narrated by the President) discusses the history of Stonewall and gives the rationale for the designation.
The designation will create the first official National Park Service unit dedicated to telling the story of LGBT Americans, just days before the one year anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision guaranteeing marriage equality in all 50 states. Additionally, in celebration of the designation and New York City’s Pride festival, the White House, in coordination with the National Park Foundation and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, is releasing a video that will be played on the billboards in Times Square on Saturday, June 25, beginning at 12:00pm ET. 
The new Stonewall National Monument will permanently protect Christopher Park, a historic community park at the intersection of Christopher Street, West 4th Street and Grove Street directly across from the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. The monument’s boundary encompasses approximately 7.7 acres of land, including Christopher Park, the Stonewall Inn, and the surrounding streets and sidewalks that were the site of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising. 
Thanks, President Obama! 

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