Saturday, December 03, 2016

Notoriously Homophobic Leader of The Gambia Defeated In Election

The surprising election results in 2016 keep coming. This week the little-known country of The Gambia, where Yahya Jammeh, the leader of the country for the last 22  years was defeated in an election. Jammeh is a virulent homophobe, notorious for his statements about LGBT people, especially gay men.

Joe Jervis blogs:
In November 2014, Jammeh made homosexuality punishable by life in prison. The following month the US dropped Gambia from an African free trade agreement in part over Jammeh’s anti-LGBT crackdown. Several months later Jammeh issued a public promise to “slit the throats” of all homosexuals, prompting a denouncement from UN national security advisor Susan Rice. It’s unknown if life for Gambia’s LGBT community will improve under the new president.
The winner of the election, John Barrow, is the president-elect  and is required  by the Gambian constitution to be sworn in within 60 days of the election, according to the Washington Blade. Hopefully life for all Gambians, and particularly LGBT individuals will improve once that happens.

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