Friday, July 07, 2017

QUEER QUOTE: Paul Feinman Is 1st Openly LGBT Member of New York's Highest Court

Paul Feinman joins an unfortunately small list of openly LGBT people who are members of their state's highest court. Feinman was appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo to the New York Court of Appeals in June 2017.

Today's Queer Quote is from Brad Hoylman:
Senator Brad Hoylman, one of five openly gay members of New York's State Legislature who urged the governor to appoint an LGBT person to the Court of Appeals, called the confirmation "an important perspective that has been missing on the court." 
"It is a watershed moment for the LGBT rights in the state of New York," said Hoylman. "It comes at a time when gay rights are under assault from Washington, DC and LGBT people and their families feel under siege." 
Two of the seven candidates recommended to take the open seat were openly gay. But it was 57-year-old Feinman whose seat was confirmed amid Pride Month celebrations of the progress the LGBT community has made. He is the first openly LGBT justice to be confirmed in the Court of Appeal's 170-year history.
Congratulations to Paul Feinman!

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