Friday, January 20, 2012

NJ Poll Shows Majority Support For Marriage Equality

More good news on the marriage equality front. For the first time, a publicly released poll is showing majority support for marriage equality in the state of New Jersey. The Quinnipiac University Poll shows that 52 percent of respondents support marriage equality while 42 percent oppose it, with a margin of error of +/- 4.2 percentage points.

There are interesting details in the poll, such as:
In today's survey, support for same-sex marriage is 62 - 33 percent among Democrats and 54 - 38 percent among independent voters. Republicans are opposed 59 - 35 percent. White Catholics support it 50 - 45 percent while white Protestants are opposed 51 - 44 percent. Voters who attend religious services weekly are opposed 58 - 36 percent, while voter who attend services less frequently support same-sex marriage 61 - 33 percent. 
On related issues, New Jersey voter opinions are:

  • 65 - 32 percent that same-sex marriage is not a threat to traditional marriage;
  • 53 - 45 percent that denying same-sex marriage is discrimination;
  • 69 - 26 percent support for New Jersey's same-sex civil union law;
  • 66 - 29 percent support allowing same-sex couples to adopt children.
New Jersey's Democratic legislators have set marriage equality as a legislative priority, naming the bills to enact the priority S.1 and A.1. And although Republican Governor Chris Christie had previously declared he would veto any marriage equality bill, but now Christie is taking a "wait and see" approach.

Hat/tip to TowleRoad.

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