Sunday, April 29, 2012

SUCCULENT SUNDAY: Parodia microsperma from Bolivia and Argentina

Returning from a month-long hiatus, I worried many Sentient Meat plants would be dead. Luckily I had few casualties, and many of the survivors put on noticeable growth in my absence. Since spring is the most active season, many are now in riotous flower... like today's Parodia microsperma.

This plant was obtained without a label, and I had believed it was Parodia herzogii. Consulting Anderson The Cactus Family and other references, I learned this is not wrong, but the accepted name for this type is Parodia microsperma. I also learned this type has been published under literally dozens of different name, all likely synonyms for this basic species.

It has a reputation as a showy plant, and this individual indeed puts on a show. Flowers range from yellow to deep orange (like this one) and even blood-red.

Parodia microsperma and its many synonyms are native to southern Bolivia and northern Argentina.

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