Tuesday, April 10, 2012

POLL: Maine Marriage Equality Support at 58%

A new poll from the Maine People's Resource Center public opinion survey (conducted March 31st to April 2nd 2012) shows that 7 months before there will be a referendum on whether to legalize marriage equality in that state, a solid majority support the change in the law.

Specifically 58.2% of Maine voters strongly favor (43.7%) or somewhat favor (14.5%) equal marriage rights while 39.9% strongly oppose (28.2%) or somewhat oppose (11.7%). A mere 2% are "not sure" of their position. it should be noted that the top line 58/40 result is not a significantly significant difference from two recent polls of 54/41 (PPP, March 2012) or 54/42 (Equality Maine, December 2012). The new poll has a margin of error of ±3.11 percentage points (993 registered voters).

What's striking about this figure is that the marriage equality supporters are stronger in both intensity categories. This is an incredibly important characteristic, and if it is maintained through the slog of a bitterly contested campaign, should bode well for Maine becoming the first state where voters have affirmatively supported marriage equality in a public referendum. It should be noted that in Maine, the choice to go to the ballot was made by marriage equality supporters. So far, public polling keeps on supporting that this was the correct decision to make.

The campaign to enact marriage equality is being run by Mainers United for Marriage Equality,which was launched last week.

Go Maine!

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