Friday, September 06, 2013

7th Largest City In U.S. Now Has LGBT Rights Ordinance!

San Antonio, Texas is the third largest city in that state, but the 7th largest city in the United States (by population). Amazingly, it was only yesterday that the San Antonio City Council enacted a non-discrimination ordinance inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The San Antonio Express-News reports:
An issue that starkly divided San Antonio this summer was resolved Thursday when the City Council approved an ordinance that adds protections for sexual orientation, gender identity and veteran status to the city code. 
In separate votes, the council approved adding veteran status 9-2, and approved adding LGBT protections 8-3. 
Proponents of the measure viewed the issue as part of this nation's continuing struggle for human rights. Opponents argued the ordinance tramples on their First Amendment rights to free speech and religious liberty.
It's pretty amazing that in 2013 there are still "firsts" happening in the area of civil rights in this country.

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