Friday, September 20, 2013

Hawaii Gov. Calls Special Session On Marriage Equality For Oct. 28

Hawaii is generally on lists of states that are likely to be next to enact marriage equality (along with New Mexico, Oregon, Illinois and New Jersey). The state took a big step forward in this direction recently when Gov. Neil Abercrombie called a special session of the Hawaii legislature dedicated to the consideration of marriage equality legislation. The special session is set to begin October 28.

The Hawaii Reporter reports:
Hawaii already has a reciprocal beneficiaries law and a civil unions law, but Abercrombie wants a special session to pass a gay marriage bill now.
“The decision to call a special session is based on doing what is right to create equity for all in Hawaii,” Abercrombie said in a statement Monday. “The merits of holding a special session include the opportunity for the Legislature to focus squarely on this important issue, without having to divert attention to the hundreds of other bills introduced during a regular session.”
After learning two weeks ago he didn’t have the votes in the House from his own Democratic party members, Abercrombie released a draft of his proposed gay marriage bill to show his office is “doing its due diligence” and “being transparent.”
Abercrombie also continued to meet with House Democrats — 44 of the 51 House members — behind closed doors, and now believes he has the votes he needs.
If the bill passes and is then signed into law by Gov. Abercrombie, same-sex couples could be getting married by Thanksgiving!

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