Friday, June 13, 2014

CELEBRITY FRIDAY: 10-Year-Old Tanishq Abraham Graduates From High School With 4.0 GPA

Tanishq Abraham, 10, made some headlines as a prodigy this week with the news that he was graduating from high school at the age of 10, with a perfect 4.0 GPA no less. This is not too surprising, since he joined Mensa at age 4 and has been taking college courses since age 7.

The San Francisco Examiner reports:
Abraham was home-schooled for the past three years, and then he passed a state exam in March that certified him as having met the appropriate academic standards to receive his high school diploma in California.
The boy says that he realized he had a special gift when he was just in kindergarten. At that very young age, he realized he could read books written for second and third graders. Additionally, his math skills were that of a second or third grader. He believes that learning just comes more naturally to him than to other youngsters. It also helps that he says he really likes to learn things. 
Abraham names science as his favorite subject. However, he says he also enjoys social studies and history. Of math, he says he kind of likes it. He plans to either become a doctor – though he doesn’t know what kind – or perhaps a medical researcher or even the president.
Let's hope that Taishq continues to excel as he gets older!

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