Friday, January 23, 2015

OMG! Federal Judge Strikes Down Alabama's Ban On Marriage Equality

Wow. Look at the map of marriage equality now. By my count there are 38 states that are dark blue (or "sapphire") because they have marriage equality in effect right now. Just visually this makes the point that the Supreme Court will basically be in "mop up" mode when it decides marriage equality cases this term and probably turns the remaining dozen red and yellow states to the uniform sapphire of the rest of the Union.

Today a federal judge in Aabama appointed by Presiudent George W, Bush on the recommendation of both Republican U.S. Senators struck down Alabama's ban on same-sex marriage in a cogent and coherent, 10-page decision and refused to issue a stay. Alabama is in the 11th Circuit, where the Supreme Court has already refused to issue a stay on a federal judge's decision from going into effect (in Florida). So same-sex couples are gonna be getting married in Selma, and soon! Nice historical conjunction with the Martin Luther King, Jr holiday.

Hat/tip to Equality On Trial!

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