Wednesday, November 09, 2016

2016 ELECTION: Trump 279, Clinton 228. AZ(11),MI(16),NH(4) Uncalled

Donald Trump was elected 45th President of the United States  last night this morning when Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were called for the GOP candidate, eliminating Hillary Clinton's path to 270 electoral votes, as Trump surpassed that threshold.. Like in 2000, the Democratic candidate will win the popular vote, but lose in the electoral college. The 27 electoral votes of Arizona (11) and Michigan (16), New Hampshire (4) are still close to call but Trump is leading there. He also won a rare electoral college vote in the North East by wining Maine's 2nd congressional district.

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carter said...

LA Times/USC Dornsife poll had it right all along, yet everyone decided it was out of line, yet it proved to be the only one IN LINE.
The passivity/inevitability of the Democratic Party was totally to blame.
Had the Party understood this race was about change, it might have even nominated Bernie instead.
And it was amazing that the Repuglicans made "crooked Hillary" a household term, with no backup input ever provided.


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