Monday, May 28, 2012

POLL: Maryland Supports Marriage Equality 57-37

A new poll shows that Maryland voters would likely vote to retain their state's marriage equality law if a referendum on the measure were to qualify for the  November 2012 ballot. Wide attention has been given to the new result that a majority of Black Marylanders for the first time say that they support marriage equality as well, 55% to 36%, which is an almost about-face reversal from previous polls, and comes just a few weeks after President Obama publicly endorsed marriage equality on May 9th.

Also in the new poll by PPP, a majority of Maryland likely voters also say that they support marriage equality (52% to 39% with 9% "unsure"). The poll used an oversample of African-Americans and was conducted May 14th-May 21st. The margin of error overall is ±3.4 points and for Black voters it is ±4.9 points.

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