Wednesday, May 30, 2012

GODLESS WEDNESDAY: Norway Dissolves State Church

More good news about the rise of Godlessness (or decline of "organized religion") from around the world. Apparentl in Norway, the legislature has voted to support a constitutional amendment which would dissolve the official state Church of Norway:
In an unprecedented move, the Norwegian Parliament has voted to abolish the state-sponsored Church of Norway with a constitutional amendment.


The nation will not have an official religion, and the government will not participate in the appointment of church deans and bishops.


Traditionally, every citizen of Norway became a member of the Church of Norway upon baptism. 79 percent of Norwegians are registered members, but only about 20 percent make religion a large part of their lives and only two percent attend church regularly, according to 2009 and 2010 data. A 2002 study done by Gustafsson and Pettersson revealed that 72 percent of Norwegians "do not believe in a personal God."
Congratulations, Norway! (Sounds like a country I might want to visit someday!)

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