Sunday, November 04, 2012

2 Days Until Election: Obama 303, Romney 191

One thing is sure, and that is that election day is nearly here, just two days away. In the TPM Electoral College Scoreboard the Blue team has now surged to a 112 vote lead, with 303 electoral votes to the Red Team's 191 electoral votes. Only Florida (29) and North Carolina (15) still remain Yellow, or "Too Close To Call" in this scenario.

This is a small change from Friday's outlook when Obama-Biden led 285 EV to 191 EV, as Ohio (18) has moved back ever slightly into the blue column. For Romney-Ryan to win the election, they will have to not only win the two yellow states, but flip  blue states worth a total 35 electoral votes from the Obama-Biden side. This is definitely possible, and Ohio would count for half of those votes needed, and when combined with Virginia (13) and New Hampshire (4) that would be sufficient.

It may be a long election night on Tuesday!

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