Friday, November 02, 2012

4 Days Until Election: Obama 285, Romney 191

The latest polling data reflected in the TPM Election Scoreboard shows that with 4 days left the blue team has a solid lead in the electoral college of 285 votes for Obama-Biden to 191 for Romney-Ryan.

The only  undecided states right now are Ohio (18), Virginia (13) North Carolina (15) and Florida (29), totaling a mere 62 ekectoral votes out of the total of 538 (270 are needed to win the presidency).  The point here is that even if the Red team were to win all the remaining Undecided states, President Obama would still be re-elected.

This is a somewhat significant change from just 3 days ago where, with 1 week to go, Obama-Biden by 247 electoral votes to 206 electoral votes, small lead of 41 electoral votes, which now with a mere 4 days to go has become a muhc larger 94 vote lead for the President.

Hopefully, despite the closeness of the national polls, the result of the election will be known by midnight on Tuesday November 6th!

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