Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1 Week Until Election: Obama 247, Romney 206

There are only 7 days until the election! The presidential race has grown only slightly less tight in the last week, when Obama-Biden had a mere 233 points compared to Romney-Ryan's 195, a difference of 38 electoral votes. This week the Bue team has 247 electoral votes compared to 206 electoral votes for the Red team, a difference of 41 electoral votes.

The number of states who are in the Undecided category has dropped to Colorado (9), Ohio (18), Michigan (16), Virginia (13) and Florida (29), a total of 85 electoral votes still up for grabs, which is down from 110 votes that were in this category last week.

Basically at this point, the race is too close to call but the number of scenarios by which Obama-Biden could reach 270 electora votes is stil considered larger than Romney-Ryan, providing the incumbent with an important advantage.

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