Monday, December 17, 2012

Black Republican Appointed To US Senate Seat

Black Republican congressman Tim Scott of South Carolina's 1st Congressional district is being appointed by Governor Nikki Haley to fill the vacancy in the United States Senate caused by the retirement of Jim DeMint who is becoming the chairman of the right-wing think tank the Heritage Foundation.

Scott will become only the 7th African American to serve in the United States Senate, EVER. He is the first Black Republican to be in the Senate since Edward Brooke of Massachusetts in the 1970s. The other Black people to serve in the United States Senate are: Roland Burris (Illinois, 2008-2010), Barack Obama (Illinois, 2005-2008), Carole Mosely Braun (Illinois, 1993-1999), Brooke (1967-1979), Blanch Kelso Bruce (Mississippi, 1875-1881) and Hiram Rhodes Revel (Mississippi, 1870-1871).

Scott is a Tea Party Republican, espousing both financially conservative and socially conservative beliefs. He will serve until 2014 where he will be up for election for the remainder of DeMint's term, and if he wins will be up for re-election in 2016. Scott was first elected to the U.S.House of Representatives in 2010.

In 2014, South Carolina will have two Senators up for election, Scott and(the totally not gay) Lindsey Graham, who is 57 years old and never married.

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