Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Godless Wednesday: 7 Countries That Kill Atheists

Did you know there are seven countries in the world where they kill atheists? These countries have laws on the books that can lead to the death of someone who declares that they do not believe in God: Afghanistan, Iran, Maldives, Mauritania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan.

The Washington Post discusses the details of an agnostic who may be killed for his (non)belief in Saudi Arabia:
Earlier this year, a 23-year-old Saudi man named Hamza Kashgari tweeted in commemoration of the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday that, while he found the Islamic holy man inspirational, he did not believe in his divinity. When Kashgari was accused of blasphemy, he attempted to flee the country for his life, it turns out rightly. He was arrested while changing flights in Malaysia, deported back to Saudi Arabia, and is now awaiting charges that could include his execution for blasphemy and atheism.
Oh well, I guess I won't be going to see the Duba Duty Free Open anytime soon, after all. And the Maldives are supposed to be beautiful, but their policies on religious freedom are not!

Hat/tip to Friendly Atheist.

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William Kirk said...

This cannot be reported accurately.
Moslems do not believe in the 'divinity' of Mahmed. To assert it is itself blasphemy. They might however, assert his 'Prophethood', which is possibly what the young man was guilty of denying.


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