Thursday, April 25, 2013

ALERT: Delaware Marriage Vote Down To One Senator

Joe.My.God sounds the alarm that the pending vote next week in the Delaware Senate on marriage equality appears to be very close. In fact according to analysis by the Delaware Liberal blog,  it may come down to the vote of one single State Senator: Brian Bushweller (D-Dover). Democrats have a 13-8 advantage in the State Senate, but there have been defections by 3 Democrats: Bruce Ennis, Bethany Hall-Long and Robert Venables, Sr. Happily, Republican Catherine Cloutier is bucking her caucus and voting for equality which means the vote is expected to be tied 10-all with Bushweller being the deciding vote on whether same-sex couples will get the right to marry this year, or will have to wait a little longer.

Bushweller can be reached by email at and by phone at 302-674-5442. Information about other legislators (for example, Cloutier, Ennis, Hall-Long and Venables) can be found here. Hall-Long's opposition is notable, because she is the only one of the 6 women in the State Senate who says she is voting against making the issues of marriage licences gender-neutral in her state.

Hopefully, Mr. Bushweller will do the right thing and vote to enact marriage equality now. I don't really see how a comfortably blue state where every state-wide elected federal official has endorsed marriage equality will be able to resist the tide of history for very much longer.

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