Monday, April 08, 2013

Eye Candy: Alexandre from MundoMais

Longtime followers of this blog know that I am an admirer of hotties of many races, particularly multi-racial ones. To me, some of the consistently attractive guys appear to be from Brazil. I wonder how one says "eye candy" in Portuguese? Anyway, my discovery of the website was a great delight, because it is a great source for free images of scantily clad muscular young men. (What's not to like?) I have previously highlighted other MundoMais models such as Filipe, Flavio, Gabriel and Xandy.

My latest find is Alexandre. According to MundoMais, he is 20 years old and from São Paulo. São Paulo is one of the 10 states in Brazil which now has legal marriages between same-sex couples.

Make me an offer!

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