Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Zealand: 13th Country To Enact Marriage Equality

As expected, New Zealand beat out France to become the 13th country in the world to enact marriage equality into law with the 77-44 Parliamentary passage of a law  that says "marriage means the union of 2 people, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity."

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:
New Zealand parliament has voted to make same-sex marriage legal.  
MPs and those in the public gallery broke into applause and cheered as it was announced the vote passed with 77 votes to 44. They then broke into song. 
After a two-hour debate, MPs were able to have their say on the Marriage Equality Bill.  
MPs from both sides of the House lined up to hug the bill's sponsor, Louisa Wall. 
She, National MP Tau Henare and Green MP Kevin Hague were presented with flowers.  
Those opposed to the bill quietly left the public gallery. 
The French parliament will finish work on its marriage equality bill next Tuesday, and the British House of Lords has a pending marriage equality bill it should pass by the end of the year.

Hat/tip to Rex Wockner

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