Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Politics: Sheila Kuehl Running For LA County Supervisor

Sheila Kuehl was the first openly gay person
elected to the California State Legislature in 1994
Sheila J. Kuehl, one of the smartest LGBT politicians in the country and the first openly gay person elected to the California State Legislature, announced her long-rumored run for Los Angeles County Supervisor this week.

In an email to supporters, Kuehl wrote:
Friends --

I’m very pleased and excited to tell you, if you haven’t heard already, that I’m running to succeed our great Supervisor from the Third District in L.A. County, Zev Yaroslavsky, when he’s termed out next year. 

When I termed out of the California Legislature after fourteen years, I thought long and hard about where I might best use all the information, experience and skills I had gained and it’s clear: the LA County Board of Supervisors is absolutely the best place.

As Speaker pro Temps, Chair of the Judiciary, Health, Natural Resources and Water Committees, as well as the Budget Sub-Committee on Resources and Energy, a member of virtually every committee in both houses including Public Safety, Human Services, Appropriations, Budget, Local Government, and Environmental Quality, and as the author of the bill that established the Expo Line Authority, and 170 other bills that were signed into law, I have been steeped in the very issues that are under the purview of our Supervisors every day.

LA County is the implementing and policy arm for more than 10 million people - almost one-third of the state - on social services, healthcare, juvenile justice, transportation, environmental protection, local jails, and so much more, as well as serving the functions of city governments in the unincorporated areas.  These are the very policy areas I have spent my professional and political life addressing.

I will bring continuing stability to County government, as well as innovation and diversity, big picture thinking as well as attention to the daily lives of those who depend on us, an open door and an open mind, collaboration with anyone willing to work with me, years of experience and lots of energy. 

The June 2014 primary is only a little more than a year away and I am asking for your support starting now!  This race will likely cost 1.4 million dollars and early fundraising will be key to my success.
This is very exciting news. I think she may be underestimating the amount needed to run for Supervisor, though.

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